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Expo Milano
it Italy, Milan
01-May - 31-Oct 2017

Expo 2015 will see the participation and involvement of millions of people who, as well as visiting the exhibition site, will utilise local services provided by companies, public bodies and other public and private entities. The Expo Milano 2015 is an opportunity for people working in the area to offer new services and enrich the existing offer, adopting Expo Milano 2015 as a driving force. The idea behind the E015 Digital Ecosystem is to expand the visitors’ experience of the event and the exhibition site through the creation and...

Fiera Millenaria
it Italy, Gonzaga
31-Aug - 08-Sep 2017

MICAM Shoevent
it Italy, Milan
01-04 Sep 2017

theMICAM, the leading international footwear fair, is promoted by ASSOCALZATURIFICI ITALIANI the National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers, organized through its service company Anci Servizi Srl. The event is held twice a year in Milan, the fashion capital, in the modern and functional fair grounds of Rho Fiera.  In March and September, a sneak-preview of the autumn/winter collections and those for spring/summer of the following year are presented. The result is a complete and wide range of goods featuring quality, design and...

it Italy, Udine
03-04 Sep 2017

it Italy, Bologna
07-10 Sep 2017

In 2013 SANA will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. This is a prestigious milestone for a show that has always supported the organic and natural produce sector in Italy and has continuously innovated to keep pace with the development and growth of this large sector.Today SANA is: Specialist: open exclusively to certified organic and natural produce. Professional: it can count on the presence of high-quality, competent visitors including buyers from the large-scale distribution sector, distributors, specialist retailers, restaurant and...

Expo Elettronica
it Italy, Cesena
07-08 Sep 2017

it Italy, Vicenza
07-11 Sep 2017

The exhibition is for operators only, the entrance is free of charge. 
Avoid queuing at the accreditation desk and register  in advance directly on our website.

 It is necessary to show an identity document and evidence of the company’s business to gain access to the fair.

Incontro Aziende Studenti
it Italy, Vicenza
07-11 Sep 2017

Borsa Scambio
it Italy, Milan
08 Sep 2017

it Italy, Milan
10-15 Sep 2017

Flormart - Miflor
it Italy, Padua
11-13 Sep 2017

it Italy, Milan
12-15 Sep 2017

MACEF, the  International  Home  Show,  is  a  success  that  is  renewed  every  year  and  where  only excellence  has  pride  of  place.  And  excellence  of  course goes hand  in  hand  with  creativity, innovation,  aesthetic  research  and  business.  Because  MACEF  is  first  and  foremost  the  most important meeting opportunity...

it Italy, Milan
13-15 Sep 2017

it Italy, Florence
13-15 Sep 2017

Festival dell'Aria
it Italy, Venice
13-15 Sep 2017

Salone del Camper
it Italy, Parma
14-22 Sep 2017

it Italy, Pordenone
14-16 Sep 2017

it Italy, Milan
15-18 Sep 2017

Launched in 1962, MIPEL is the world’s leading international leather-goods show: bags, luggage, sacks, wallets and the full spectrum of leather accessories.MIPEL has always been at the forefront of the industry and in tune with the market. Today, it is the most authoritative trade fair for the leather-goods industry. It is therefore the ideal setting for the companies which focus on product research, marketing strategies and technical innovation as their points of strength.?By evolving into a modern trade show, MIPEL has not only...

Surface Expo
it Italy, Bergamo
15-17 Sep 2017

Milano Moda Donna
it Italy, Milan
18-23 Sep 2017

Milano Moda Donna is the most prestigious event organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, with its two yearly appointments and a network of thousands of field operators that work to make this great event perfect. The woman collection fashion shows are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system. Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana manages and fully co-ordinates all the events, so facilitating the work of showrooms, buying-offices, press offices, and public relations firms. Milano is the prestigious location that...

it Italy, Rome
18-20 Sep 2017

With nanoscience and nanotechnology (shortened to "nanotech") we are dealing with new scientific and technological approaches, whose aim is to study and modify matter on the molecular and atomic scale. The prefix “nano” means 10-9 (i.e. 0,000000001). A nanometer (nm) is a billionth of meter, an incredible small dimension, much more smaller than the diameter of one human hair. Operating in such a nanometrical dimension (i.e. on the molecular and atomic scale) it is now possible to investigate and to control new properties and...

it Italy, Bolzano
19-21 Sep 2017

it Italy, Milan
21-22 Sep 2017

it Italy, Milan
21-22 Sep 2017

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